School Holidays in Shanghai

Information about the school calendar: the dates when the schools in Shanghai close for vacation...

Chinese schools generally operate on a two-semester system:

  • Semester 1: starts on 1 September
  • Semester 2: starts on 1 March

There are two main holidays in the school year: the summer vacation and the winter vacation. The winter vacation cuts the school year in half and lasts for approximately one month, and it includes the Spring Festival which last for 15 days. The summer vacation starts at around the beginning of July and lasts approximately two months.

Note: School holidays are often integrated with weekends and the actual dates may change in the process. This way, one-day holidays become three (including the weekend), and the three-day National Day holiday, adjoined with two weekends, becomes seven.

Every year students are given a school calendar in which the start and end days of each holiday are noted.

The School Day

On a typical school day, school starts at 07:30 with a reading session followed by the morning exercise and then four 45-minute class periods ending at noon. Afternoon classes start at 14:00 with three periods that end at 17:20. Many students stay at school longer to do extra-curricular activities and additional tutoring. Chinese students work hard and the school regime is strict.

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